Overview: Objective

    • The objective of Ambient Agoras is to address the office environment as an integrated organisation located in a physical environment and having particular information needs both at the collective level of the organisation, and at the personal level of the worker. The project promotes an approach to designing individual as well as team interaction in physical environments using augmented physical artefacts to support collaboration, informal communication, and social awareness. Ambient Agoras couples several interaction design objectives (disappearance and ubiquity of computing devices) with sensing technologies (active and passive RFID, WaveLAN-based tracking) smart artefacts (walls, tables mobile devices,), ambient displays, and the emerging functionalities of two or more artefacts working together. During the course of the project, these technologies are to be tested for user feedback and evaluated with different methods by setting up pilot installations in the work environment of the partner EDF. Since the use of sensing technology for the detection of people raises issues re privacy, the project investigates these aspects in parallel to system design and technology development.